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Sandy Beaches - our journey to caribbean eats

Growing up, one of my fondest memories was having family and friends over for dinner. It gave my family and I the greatest satisfaction to see our guests thoroughly enjoying their food, and the request for seconds, was the best compliments to the home chef. When we envisioned this restaurant, our goal was to create a place that would replicate those same experiences, of inviting friends and family into our home. 

Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn and nestled between impressive feats of architecture is a new place you can feel at home. Sandy Beaches, will take you on a gastronomic tour of exquisite food marinated in aromatic spices without boarding a plane.


All of the home-made dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and prepared daily for our guests.  Our scrumptious jerk chicken is made on the grill, similar to those found at roadside jerk huts in the island of Jamaica. Our curry goat, curry chicken and curry kingfish are infused with one of a kind specially made imported curry powder, and slow cooked to the exact texture of each protein. Our succulent and tender oxtails are marinated in our special house seasoning and served on a bed of your choice of rice.  And our incredibly juicy one of a kind fried chicken offers the perfect combination of crunch and flavor to your palate. 

To assist you in your wonderful quest to sample our tantalizing dishes, we offer the convenience of take-out, curbside pickup and delivery for our customers through our website SANDYBK.COM 

Sandy Beaches the ultimate blend of the Jamaican Diaspora.


From the testimonials


Fredique G

"Definitely the best Jamaican food I've had here in Brooklyn (amidst extensive competition)."


Sal G

"Sandy Beaches is a Brooklyn's gem.  This place is the real deal."


Eddy B

"Absolutely delicious Food, great staff"

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